Best Android Games Torrent Sites You Can Use

Android Games Torrent
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Torrent files are basically files shared over the internet via the BitTorrent Protocol. It actually uses a protocol called peer-to-peer (P2P) in order to distribute the files over the internet. Torrenting does not actually need a server in order to store very large files. That makes torrents more helpful to download lots of stuff. Just read this article to know all about Best Android Games Torrent Sites You Can Use. Let’s begin!

You guys can easily download large-sized games from the torrent in a really fast way.

Do you want to know a few important terms related to torrents? 

  • Peers are people who basically share the torrent files.
  • Leechers are the downloaders of the files via torrent.
  • Seeders are the uploaders of the files to the torrent as well.
  • File downloading is pretty fast if the seeders (uploaders) are more in number.
  • File download is kinda slow if the leechers (downloaders) are greater in number.

Best Android Games Torrent Sites You Can Use

Why torrents for game downloads?

  • A large number of users all over the world use torrent sites to download a variety of famous games.
  • Governments and Internet Service Providers work to avoid this. However, as torrents are almost everywhere, avoiding users from using torrents is impossible. So, you can easily access torrent files and download them as well.
  • Torrents provide a really great download speed. You guys can download high-resolution games quickly.
  • Also, torrents work on file distribution on the internet.
  • Torrents do not even need powerful servers to store data.


Torrent files are not really safe. Thus, we recommend that you use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) whenever accessing and downloading torrent files. This makes you safe through hiding your identity.

Below are the best torrent sites you can download android games. Use these sites to download games for your smartphone as well. It is time for you guys to start gaming and beat the boredom.

The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is a really great place where you can also make your torrent downloads. You guys could find thousands of games for your smartphone at The Pirate Bay. You can also find almost everything, also including Android Games, PC Games, Movies, TV shows, and much more in The Pirate Bay. Abbreviated as TPB, The Pirate Bay also offers millions of downloadable torrent files as well. Ultimately it is actually the best torrent site for not only android games, however, almost everything you guys need. Just try The Pirate Bay for your torrent downloads.

Android Games Torrent

  • The Pirate Bay is right now the leading torrent website actually.
  • The site is known for its huge database of torrent content.
  • Apart from Android games, TPB also has PC games, ISO files, as well.

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RARBG is yet another great torrent site in order to download Android games from which you can download your torrent files. You can also find a huge number of high-resolution Android games and PC games here as well. Also, you can just download a number of movies, TV shows, and also great software applications. You guys can experience a clean as well as well-organized site structure at RARBG.

Android Games Torrent

  • The torrent site is also known for its massive database.
  • The user interface of RARBG looks clean as well as well organized.
  • From Movies to Games, you guys can find each and everything on the site.

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TorrentHounds is also another well-known website for torrent downloads. You guys can browse up to 8 lakh files from torrentHounds. You can also find a lot of Android Games, PC Games, as well as applications on TorrentHound. Besides, you guys can find some torrents that are unique to TorrentHounds. Yes, you cannot really find some torrents offered here on other websites. So, TorrentHounds could actually be your ultimate torrent destination.

Android Games Torrent

  • The site claims to host only verified torrents as well.
  • All torrent contents are also available on the site were free from viruses and many other security threats.
  • As of now, Torrent Hounds has more than 50,000 Torrents.

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IsoHunt is another really great torrent site in order to find amazing games for Android. You guys can find almost all types of content here. You can also find a really large number of Movies, Music videos, Android Games, PC Games, Software applications, TV Shows, and also so on. Millions of users all over the globe use IsoHunt for their torrent downloads. Just try it out in order to experience the best user-friendly interface.

Android Games Torrent

  • IsoHunt is also known for maintaining a massive database of
  • On IsoHunt, you guys will find ISO files of Linux, Games, Software, as well.
  • The site is pretty fast, and it’s absolutely free from ads.

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TorLock is also another amazing platform where you can find a lot of torrent files. You can also download lots of Android Games, Movies, as well as Applications. You can trust TorLock as it offers only verified torrent files, which is another benefit of using this site. Hence, the files downloaded from Torlock are secure as well as virus-free. You guys can always trust the downloads from TorLock as well.


  • TorLock is also known for its verified torrents.
  • The community members themselves drive the site.
  • Torlock also offers Movies, Games, TV Shows, Android Games, as well.

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Torrent9 | Android Games Torrent

Another ultimate place for torrent downloads is actually Torrent9. It is a really great and old-serving torrent site. The main focus of Torrent9 is video content as well. But, it has a number of games for Android devices, and also a variety of many other file types. You guys just have to search the name of the game to proceed. Although it is one of the oldest sites, each and every day, you can see fresh content (that is, the site receives frequent updates as well). You can also try out this site for great torrent downloads.


  • It’s also one of the oldest torrent websites available on the web.
  • The site focuses more on video content as well.
  • The gaming section also contains both PC and mobile games.

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1337X is yet another ultimate destination for your torrent downloads. Now guess what? 1337X is as famous as The Pirate Bay for torrent downloads as well. You can also find a great user experience on this site, that actually makes 1337X stand unique. Just like all torrent sites, you can almost find almost everything here, also including Games for your Android device or PC, Movies, TV shows, as well.


  • Well, it’s right now the second-best torrent site after The Pirate Bay.
  • The site is also known for its vast collection of Torrent content.
  • 1337x has each and everything, including Movies, Software, ISO files, TV Shows, as well.

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Limetorrents | Android Games Torrent

Limetorrents actually provides a great platform for users in order to search and browse torrents in numerous categories. You guys can find a lot of Games and Apps for both Android and Windows here. Limetorrents offer a clean user interface as well. You can just always trust downloads from Limetorrent, as Limtorrents has only verified torrent files. So, you need not worry about viruses as well as many other security issues. Access Limetorrents for safer downloads too.

Android Games Torrent

  • The site is also known for its clean user interface.
  • LimeTorrent lists the popular torrent categories right on the homepage as well.
  • The site has lots of famous Android apps as well as games.

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