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Android File Transfer Not Working On Mac [Fix]

Android File Transfer Not Working
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you wondering to fix Android File Transfer not working on Mac? Android File Transfer is an essential way to move data between your devices. Here’s what to do when it can’t work or stop working.

We know by its name i.e Android File Transfer is an efficient or popular app that enables Mac users to transfer files between their PC and Android phones. For the most part, it’s a strong and reliable piece of software, but if you see that it stops working, what can be done to fix the issue? In this guide, we’ll display you some solutions to try that will hopefully get your devices talking once more.

How To Check Cables & Connectors

Check Cables & Connectors

It’s far better to see whether the easiest parts of your setup are working perfectly. However, the USB cables are not equal and you might find that one that will charge your mobile might struggle to connect with other devices.

You just try to plug the USB cable into another computer to view whether it registers or not. If the latter is true then you must use another cable to view if that fixes the issue. Should your Android register on the other PC, then you must try another port on your Mac to view if that helps at all.

Software Update

Software Update

Another common issue is some models of software can’t work nicely simultaneously. Some reports of macOS Catalina 10.15 not liking Android File Transfer hut users update to 10.15.1 found the problems went away.

You simply try to update both macOS or Android to the newest model. Or else a search online for any known problems particular to the models you’re currently running.

On a Mac, head over to System Preferences > Software Update. Then check if the latest model is available. For Android, head over to Settings > Software Update (or on some mobiles, it will be Settings > System > Advanced > System Update) and view if you’re up to date.

The Android File Transfer site suggests that the app compatibles macOS 10.7 and higher. So you want to be at least on that model if you want to use the software.

Remember your mobile is in the right mode

After you connect your mobile to your Mac, it can’t automatically move into file sharing mode. The default is to just charge from the laptop’s battery or the PC mains supply.

On some mobiles, you want to swipe down to open the section of Notification then look for a section something with the lines of USB for file transfer. You can then click on it to open up the choices.

Then you should view, depending on your mobile device, either a choice for Transferring Files or using MTP mode. Choose this and check whether Android File Transfer can now access your mobile.

Reinstall Mobile File Transfer

Reinstall Mobile File Transfer

If still you see the issue then it’s worth erasing Android File Transfer from your PC and reinstalling it to view if there was a problem with the first model. If you want to do this, head over to Finder and choose the Applications section. You can then find Android File Transfer and right-tap (or two-finger tap) to open up the contextual menu.

Choose Move to Bin then right-tap on the Trash Bin and choose Empty Bin. Now you can download or install Android File Transfer and try again.


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