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Android 10 Share Menu: What’s New & why it’s so good

Written by Hassan Abbas

Android 10 share menu: Over the past decade, we have seen Android appears as the most liked operating system in the world, exceeding Microsoft Windows. When it came out Google has been doing all it can to turn it into the go-to OS for smartphone users.

The share menu on Android 10 is pretty adaptable, enables you to easily share any stuff to any app or person effortlessly. However, with Android 10, the share menu is seeing some noticeable improvements, much-needed ones in some eyes. Let’s see what the Share Menu in Android 10 is all about.

The issue before Android 10

The core functionality is not a problem, but the amount of time it takes to load up the sharing menu, ignoring the device you’re using, is simply absurd.

In a period where we prefer prompt, effortless sharing above anything else. Android’s under-optimized sharing menu takes the end up of our sails. It’s quite a disappointing thing to see higher-end devices facing the same issue.

The solution in Android 10

Google accepts and process criticism like other companies. But they didn’t take this one lightly.

As per Google, Android 10‘s sharing UI loads instantly, as it doesn’t need to wait for shortcuts to publish. Google’s latest OS also brings something called ‘Sharing Shortcuts,’ which enables developers to add a new option in the sharing menu. It’ll share a file in a specific part of a different app at a slow speed.

So, how good is it?

Theoretically, it isn’t difficult to see how great the Android 10 sharing menu should be. But If we implement it practically it is always more complicated than the view. Developers can now enable apps to interact with one another, removing a couple of extra steps in between.

For example, suppose you’ve recorded a video and want to edit it to perfection. What you have to do?

  • Simply fetch the video
  • Then Hit shares
  • Choose the intended target.
  • Your video should now show up in the editing app enables you to carry out the edits


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