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How to Fix An Error Occurred Playback ID on YouTube

An Error Occurred
Written by Kelly Houstan

For most folks on the planet, a life without even YouTube is unimaginable. The video streaming platform via Google has actually crept into our lives and established its presence along with millions of hours’ worth of exciting content. But, if this boon of the internet were to lose its functionality even for an hour, the source of daily entertainment for a lot of people would be lost. If you guys have been a victim of a similar scenario. Now here’s a guide in order to help you fix An Error that Occurred, Try again (Playback ID) on YouTube.

How to Fix An Error Occurred Playback ID on YouTube

As is common along with most problems on this internet, the Playback ID error on YouTube is caused via faulty network connections. These bad connections could also be the result of outdated browsers, defective DNS servers as well as even blocked cookies. Nevertheless, if your YouTube account actually has stopped working, then your suffering actually ends here. Read ahead to discover fixes for each and every possible issue that could also be causing the ‘An error occurred to try again (Playback ID) message’ on YouTube.

Flush Your DNS

DNS basically stands for Domain Name System and is an important part of the P. It is responsible for forming a connection between domain names and also your IP address. Without even a functioning DNS, loading websites on a browser becomes impossible as well. At the same time, a clogged-up DNS cache can now slow down your PC and avoid certain websites from working. Here’s how you guys can use the Flush DNS command and speed up your browser:

  • You have to open the command prompt window through right-clicking on the Start menu and then selecting ‘Command Prompt (Admin).’
  • There, just type in the following code: ipconfig /flushdns and press Enter.
  • The code will run, cleaning DNS resolver cache as well as speeding up your internet.

Manage Extensions that Affect Playback on YouTube | An Error Occurred

Browser extensions are also a handy tool that can enhance your internet experience. Whenever these extensions are really helpful for the most part. They can also inhibit your browser’s functioning and avoid certain websites such as YouTube from loading properly. Here’s how you guys can disable extensions in order to try and fix the YouTube Playback ID error.

  • On your browser, just tap on the three dots on the top right corner. From the options that appear, tap on ‘More tools’ and choose ‘Extensions.’
  • On the extensions page, just tap on the toggle switch in front of certain extensions in order to disable them temporarily. You can also try disabling adblockers and anti-virus extensions that are mostly the culprits behind slow connectivity.
  • Now reload YouTube and then see if the video is playing.

Clear the Data and History of Your Browser

Browser history is actually a major culprit when it comes in order to slow network connections and internet errors. The cached data saved in your browser’s history could also be taking a huge amount of space. That could otherwise be utilized in order to load websites properly and faster. Here’s how you guys can clear your browser data and fix the playback ID error on YouTube:

  • On your browser, tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen and then select the Settings option.
  • There, under the Privacy and security panel, just tap on ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • Then in the ‘Clear browsing data window, just shift to the Advanced panel and enable all the options that you guys won’t require in the future. When the options have been checked, just tap on ‘Clear data’ and your browser history will be deleted.
  • Now try running YouTube again and then see if the error is resolve or not.

Use the Public DNS Allotted by Google | An Error Occurred

If the error isn’t still fixed in spite of flushing the DNS, then changing to Google’s public DNS could be a suitable option actually. As the DNS has been created via Google, connection for all Google-related services also including YouTube will be sped up. Potentially solving the ‘an error occurred to try again (Playback ID)’ issue on YouTube as well.

  • First, on your PC, right-click on the Wi-Fi option as well as the Internet option in the bottom right corner of your screen. Then tap on ‘Open Network and Internet Settings.’
  • In the Network Status page, just scroll down and click on ‘Change adapter options’ that is under Advanced network settings.
  • All your network-related settings will now open in a new window. Right-tap on the one that is currently active and then taps on Properties.
  • Within the ‘This connection uses the following items section, you have to select the Internet protocol version 4 (TCP /IPv4) and then tap on Properties.
  • Now in the next window that appears, enable ‘Use the following DNS server addresses and then enter 8888 for the preferred DNS server, as well as for alternate DNS server, enter 8844.
  • Tap on ‘Ok’ after both the DNS codes have been entered. Try opening YouTube again and the Playback ID error should be fixed as well.

Other Fixes for ‘An Error Occurred Try Again (Playback ID)’ on YouTube

  • Restart your modem: The modem is actually the most crucial part of an internet setup that ultimately facilitates the connection between a PC as well as the world wide web. Faulty modems could avoid certain websites from loading and slow down your connection as well. Tap on the Power button behind your modem, to restart it. This will also help your PC reconnect to the internet and load sites faster.
  • Open YouTube in incognito mode: Incognito mode provides you a secure established connection without even tracking your history and movement. Whenever your internet configuration remains the same, the incognito mode has proven itself as a working fix for the error.
  • Reinstall your browser: If your browser is actually sync with any of your accounts. Then reinstalling it is also a harmless workaround that can also fix the YouTube error. In the settings option of your PC, tap on ‘Apps’ and find the browser you want to remove. Tap on it and choose to uninstall. Head to the official chrome website on your browser and then download it again.
  • Use another account: Just playing YouTube through another account is also worth a try. Your specific account could be facing trouble along with the servers. And then might be experiencing difficulties connecting to YouTube.
  • Enable and Disable Autoplay: A rather unlikely fix for the issue is just to enable and then disable the autoplay feature of YouTube. Whenever this solution may seem a bit tangential, it also has provided excellent results for many users.


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