Amazing Features of the 16-inch MacBook Pro

Amazing Features of the 16-inch MacBook Pro
Written by Hassan Abbas

Amazing Features of the 16-inch MacBook Pro by Harris: IDB’s video editor Harris Craycraft has been using the 16-inch MacBook Pro. He is using this to compile a list of what he likes about it. In a YouTube video, Harris talks about his five favorite features of the new MacBook Pro let’s come and have a look:


The latest 16-inch MacBook Pro is the first Apple laptop to come in a 16-inch form factor. They’ve been doing 17-inch for a while before the Retina display or 15-inch models since the PowerBook days, era took over. But now 16-inch is not only is the screen bigger, but there are a lot more pixels, too. That’s a big change.

Harris loves its new keyboard. That’s been one of the amazing features of the new MacBook Pro. It includes a mechanism that’s very different than the last few MacBook Pro models. In fact, Apple calls it a Magic Keyboard.

Apple generally facilitates its larger laptop model with premium features that benefit pro users demanding absolute high performance from their Mac laptop. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is no exception, as the model it replaced the price tags comes is the same, making it a better value than before. You’ll also find a 9th generation Intel Core processor and speedy Radeon Pro graphics from AMD.

We won’t spoil the rest of interest what Harris has to say you just click on the video and stream it to see for yourself what he wants to say.


I want to ask a few questions in the end so: Are you ready in getting a 16-inch MacBook Pro? Or do you already have experience? What features are you interested in, or what do you like the most about the one you’re using? Drop a comment we are waiting for your valuable feedback!

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