AMD Outperformed Intel with a 32-core Processor

AMD Threadripper
Written by Hassan Abbas

Just yesterday, Intel showed at Computex 2018 prototype 28-core processor with a clock speed of 5 GHz, as today its main competitor in the face of AMD announced a processor with 32 processing cores and 64 threads. The novelty will become the flagship in the Ryzen Threadripper series of the second generation.

Unlike Intel, whose representatives only showed the performance of the prototype 28-core processor in Cinebench benchmark and nothing else reported about the novelty, AMD revealed more detailed information about the upcoming flagship. According to reports, the processor with 32 cores is made on a 14-nanometer process technology and it can be installed in some motherboards of the previous generation. It is also officially known that the flagship will be sold in the third quarter of 2018.

AMD Threadripper

AMD Threadripper

AMD showed the recommended cooling system for its upcoming top processor. It consists of a radiator and a heat pipe, and its production is handled by Cooler Master.

In addition to the above, AMD introduced a prototype of the world’s first GPU, manufactured on a 7 nm process technology. The amount of memory is 32 GB. It will become part of the Instinct line (designed to work with machine learning technologies), and will also appear in Radeon video game cards. According to the company’s plans, the new graphics processor will go on sale by the end of 2018.

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