Ambitious MMORPG Darkness Rises from Nexon comes out on June 21

Darkness Rises
Written by Hassan Abbas

Nexon has finally announced the release date for its over-hit hack ‘n’ slash action / RPG Darkness Rises (Dark Avenger 3).  It will be released on iOS and Android on the following Thursday – June 21st.

Yes, similar projects in both stores are now a dime a dozen, especially when it comes to free-to-play. And even in the assortment of the publisher, they are a whole lot, but Darkness Rises is a game of a completely different echelon.

Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

Stunning graphics and animation games. Dynamics of the game process. Incredible possibilities in terms of customization of your character. Huge monsters, on which you can climb and use for your own purposes. In the game, there is even a co-operative online mode. Finally, the delightful responses of those who got the opportunity to play in a trial run are made to believe that this is something very cool.

Of course, the conventions of the genre and the paid model cannot be avoided, but the potential of the new Nexon game is simply huge, and it’s worth waiting for even those who do not like MMORPG.

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