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AmazeD 3D for PC – Test Your Mind & Knowledge

AmazeD 3D for PC
Written by Hassan Abbas


AmazeD 3D for PCAmazeD 3D for PC – A beautiful and very realistic 3D puzzle game that will test your knowledge and logical thinking. You will play for a girl who has fallen into her own dreams, filled with deadly traps, from where you have to get out. The game process is filled with various difficulties, as well as features that will not let you relax and make you break your head over the next obstacle.

The playing field consists of tiles in which can be placed like bushes with stones, one can not get through one of the three kinds of traps. Sharp thorns, fire, and a trap. To control a joystick, which allows you to move to the specified side. There is also an optional joystick to change the current position of the camera. For successful completion of the levels, you get access to new locations, where traps are placed in a more cunning way.

Help her in Facing the Nightmares:

AmazeD 3D is a school girl who has an exam before what she feels stressed for, and this nightmarish mind takes her to a world of dreams in which she has to overcome every level of obstacles and succeed to complete her dream and return to reality. She needs to get to her destination with the exact number of steps, using the hints that are the key to unlock the levels. If she wins, she will move to the next level, and if she fails, she will return to the first level of the sequence to be repeated. Each maze has unique hints, the player must understand and predict the number of paths.

The player only learns that the intended path is considered correct or wrong only after reaching the goal. Each sequence is created uniquely with different styles of terrain, obstacles and weather conditions. In this game, there are more than 8 different kinds of obstacles, each of which has unique styles so that the girl does not reach her destination. In short, this is a search game in a 3D treadmill.


A total of 64 levels are distributed over 8 sequences, each with its own set of hints to help players find the answer. The game has one character, but different outfits that will change along with each sequence change. Wearing different outfits in each sequence retains character in style along with landscapes of current sequences.

The player is loaded to the level and receives the first two hints. If the player can not get a response from the first two hints, they can use the coin in the game to unlock the third, much more obvious hint. The answer will always be a number that will be the number of spaces that the player must move accurately, from the beginning to the end of the level.

AmazeD 3D for PC

There are also problems and obstacles to overcome, so do not think that finding an answer is all that you need to accomplish. From the simple blocking of the path to the actual removal of the player, these problems will take time and patience to go through unh


  • Intuitive hint system to help find answers to puzzles.
  • A credit system that will help you extend the game for maximum pleasure from the adventure.
  • Diverse landscapes and climatic conditions to create a sense of visual appeal to the game.
  • Different characters to make the game feel fresh every time you play.
  • A course of obstacles that will impede your progress with its own level of complexity.


+ High-level 3D graphics
+ Beautifully drawn locations
+ Complex, interesting levels
+ Convenient operation
+ Several types of traps

Steps to Play AmazeD 3D for PC

To play AmazeD 3D for PC you need to download the game on your computer. Maybe through an APK, and an emulator.

Play Store:

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Download AmazeD 3D APK

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How to Download AmazeD 3D for PC on Windows an Mac

To use Download AmazeD 3D for PC. You first need to download and Install Emulator of Your Choice. Here is the List of Top 5 Emulators. or the Bluestacks 3

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