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Allow Two-Factor Authentication in WhatsApp

How to enable two-factor authentication in WhatsApp for Android
Written by Hassan Abbas

Allow Two-Factor Authentication in WhatsApp: 2FA is a security feature available on WhatsApp for Android and iOS. In just a few minutes you can make your account more secure. We also display you how to set up this and keep hackers at bay.

Make your communication apps secure is quite a difficult task these days. But thanks mainly to the various scams and hacks that have been taking place. However, one strong defense against identity thieves is adding 2FA which needs your phone and security code.

Paypal, Google, Apple, Twitter, Yahoo, and others offer this service and WhatsApp is new to join the club. It’s a simple way to ensure your messages remain secure. We also recommend setting it up immediately. Just follow the easy steps in this guide and you’ll have your account locked up tight in only a few minutes.

What is a two-step verification?

Traditionally the way you secure an account is to have a password. While this is OK, it’s not that tough for hackers to overcome this specific method. However, some email hacks that get reported in the news prove. Companies like LastPass offers some robust password generation and security. It is sometime worth exploring, but a quick and easy fix is two-factor authentication (2FA).

However, the name suggests that there are two elements to the process. Usually, the process involves normally input your password and then receiving a text message to your phone which includes a passcode that you’ll also need to enter. However, it might seem difficult at first, but the additional step makes a huge difference to the level of protection on your account.

Setting up two-step verification on WhatsApp

Whenever you’re launching WhatsApp on a new phone, you’ll have to verify the phone number with a one-time password. WhatsApp allows add an extra layer of protection in the form of a PIN. This way, you will have to input the one-time password sent on your registered phone number. Also, a six-digit PIN as well before you can install WhatsApp on your phone. Here’s how to get started.

How to enable two-factor authentication in WhatsApp for Android

Follow the steps carefully to enable 2FA in WhatsApps:

Step 1:

Firstly, Open WhatsApp from the app drawer or home screen.

Step 2:

Choose the action overflow menu (three vertical dots on the top right corner).

Step 3:

Press Settings icon.

Step 4

Click on Account.

Step 5:

Choose Two-step verification.

Step 6:

Press Enable to set up a PIN.

You’ll now need to input your PIN the next time whenever you are setting up WhatsApp. Whether that’s on a new phone or if you’re reinstalling the app. It’s quite easy enough to reset the PIN should you forget it, so make sure you complete an email account so you don’t get locked out of your account.


Here’s all about “Allow two-factor authentication in WhatsApp”. Is this guide helpful? Let us know your thoughts below. For further queries and questions let us know in the comment section below!

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