All New iPhone Boosts its Optical Zoom With a Periscope Lens

iPhone Boosts its Optical Zoom With a Periscope Lens
Written by Hassan Abbas

iPhone Boosts its Optical Zoom With a Periscope Lens: Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo shared and information that the latest iPhone models that are coming in 2022 will feature a “periscope” lens.

Well, some smartphones have already use periscope lens technology. They provide us an idea of what we can expect from the ‌iPhone‌ feature when it releases. The lens also offers optical zoom capabilities that are possible in a smartphone camera, enabling for 5x or also 10x optical zoom.

Kuo summarizes Apple’s plans for a periscope lens in one sentence: “The brand new 2H22 ‌iPhone‌ will feature a periscope.” Because of less information, we don’t know what Apple’s periscope lens might be capable of, aside from an increase in optical zoom capabilities.

How Periscope Lens Works

It’s unclear how Apple plans to implement a periscope lens. However, the technology also uses a mirror or prism to refract light onto the lens sensor for magnification. Using the mechanics of the lens built into the Android phones rather than outside like an older zoom lens for a DSLR.

The lense has advanced enough that in Android. Also, the lenses are small and compact enough to fit into a normal lens enclosure and don’t also take up too much internal space. Well, depending on the phone storage, a periscope lens enables impressive levels of optical zoom.

Optical vs. Digital Zoom

The ‌iPhone‌’s telephoto lens is reduced to a 2x optical zoom. However, the digital zoom is available round about 10x. But the optical zoom capabilities use the lens to take a close-up image. So photos capture with optical zoom remain crisp, crunchy and clear.

The digital zoom is cropping in image capture with a wider-angle lens. As a result artifact and blurriness often make the picture undesirable because of the lack of detail.

The iPhone 11 and 11 Pro also offer 0.5x zoom (ultra-wide-angle lens) and 1x zoom (wide-angle lens) with the 2x telephoto lens. Using a periscope lens, Apple jumps up the telephoto lens capabilities to enable it to zoom in further than 2x.

The periscope lens reduced to the telephoto camera. As the technology works well in a single lens case. So you have just a single camera. The camera zoom in super fast alongside other standard wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle cameras.

Existing Android Using Periscope Lenses

Right now Periscope lenses for optical zooming capabilities are trending and many technicians implemented the technology. Apple’s major competitor, Samsung, just launched the Galaxy S20 Ultra using hybrid 10x optical zoom capabilities.

Huawei also launched P30 Pro, which offers 10x hybrid optical zoom and 5x true optical zoom. Also, the enterprise working on a P40 Pro having more latest true 10x optical zoom capabilities. Oppo also said to be planning an Android using 10x optical zoom.

Samsung also calls the zoom functionality within the S20 Ultra “SpaceZoom”. However, it allows the 100x digital zoom. The periscope lens also uses a folded 4x telephoto lens integrated with a 48-Mp sensor. It can exchange between 4x and 10x zoom. Samsung’s amazing zoom features technically a hybrid choice due to it uses some sensor cropping for the 10x zoom.

It uses the digital zooming technology that we might think it works quite well up to 30x. Make sure it is not specifically essential at 100x. Apple, like Samsung, could merge digital zoom using optical zoom for the same effect.

Also, periscope zoom lenses in Android are no doubt 10x don’t seem to be available. However, sometimes the technology is on the edge of launching. Also, Huawei’s rumored P40 Pro may be the first using the 10x optical zoom. Also, technology is more advanced and vast when Apple tries to build it into an iPhone in 2022.

Apple Patent for Periscope Lens Technology

Apple has copyright technology related to smartphone having periscope camera lenses. So, its the thing that the company has experimented on and considered.

For example 2016 patent explains a folded telephoto camera lens system. The system includes several lenses using refractive power and a mirror having the light path folding element.

According to the patent description, the light would be channeled into the camera using a primary lens. The lens is bounced off of the included mirror in the smartphone, also it would be sent to a secondary lens that moves up and down for zooming in perspective.


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