Amidst AirPods Pro Shortages

Written by Hassan Abbas

Amidst AirPods Pro Shortages: Last year vacation customers muddle to find the original AirPods in stock at retail stores and online retailers. But this year it looks 2019 is going to be a repeat: people looking to pick up AirPods Pro for those who enjoy their vacation lists are already running into long waits for the hot accessory. According to a new report from Asia “that Apple is doubling production of the popular earbuds to keep up with demand”.

Since in October they debuted, the $249 AirPods Pro (APP) has been a hot item. Many folks with original APP are searching to upgrade the noise-canceling models. On the other hand, many more folks are searching to lay their hands on the new ones. Since they’re the first AirPods with flexible silicone tips for a custom ear fit, water-resistance, and active noise cancellation.

Currently, Apple was able to keep up with demand, but now we’re in the vacation rush and there are already shortages. On Wednesday morning when iDB checks AirPods Pro deliveries on Apple’s web site. But these deliveries weren’t expected to be delivered until after Christmas. Availability in retail stores and at other online retailers varies.

According to Nikkei Asian Review:

Nikkei Asian Review reports that Apple is bringing on new suppliers to meet the demand for the new AirPods Pro. They are doubling production from 1 million units to 2 million units per month.

The news comes in wake of confirmation that AirPods Pro shipping times have slipped to the very end of 2019, with current orders expected to arrive December 31. The window to get your AirPods Pro (from Apple at least) before the end of the year is closing fast.


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