A New Rating of Supercomputers was Released

Written by Hassan Abbas

This week the site updated the list of the most powerful supercomputers in the world. In the 51st edition of the list is presented the new leader of the rating – the American supercomputer Summit, launched this month by IBM in the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA).

Summit is built of 4356 servers, each of which is equipped with two 22-core IBM Power9 processors and six NVIDIA Tesla V100 graphics accelerators. The entire system runs under the operating system Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The maximum performance of a supercomputer is 122 petaflops.


The previous leader, the Chinese supercomputer Sunway TaihuLight, who headed the TOP500 rating since 2016, shifted to the second line. This system, which is installed in the national supercomputer center of China, has a capacity of 93 petaflops. At the same time, it consumes almost twice as much energy as Summit.

On the third line, there is another American supercomputer and also a beginner. This Sierra, built by IBM on the same platform as Summit, only uses four graphics accelerators on each server, which provides it with 71 petaflops performance. Interestingly, the list has one more system based on NVIDIA Volta graphics processors – the Japanese supercomputer ABCI with a performance of 19 petaflops. He takes the fifth line of the rating.


The new edition of the TOP500 list allows you to draw some curious conclusions. So, for example, China is the leader in the number of supercomputers in the world. In the Middle Kingdom, 206 systems are currently in the rating, followed by the USA (124), Japan (36), the United Kingdom (22), Germany (21) and the rest of the world. Russia is represented by 4 supercomputers, the most powerful of which Lomonosov 2 is on 72 places.

Absolutely all the systems in the TOP500 work on Linux. The most common distributions are CentOS and Cray Linux, although many do not reveal their names. The total performance of all supercomputers in the rating exceeds 1.2 eksaflopsa. Among the processors with a huge margin lead CPU Intel – 95%, followed by the CPU IBM Power – 3%. AMD processors use only 0.4% of systems. As for graphics accelerators, they have 110 of 500 clusters, 96 have NVIDIA chips, in 7 – Intel Xeon Phi, AMD GPUs are not represented on this list at all. The main manufacturer of systems is Lenovo (23.4%), followed by Hewlett-Packard (15.8%), the third – Inspur.

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The new version of the TOP500 rating is combined with GREEN500, so it already takes into account the energy efficiency of supercomputers.

Source: top500

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