A New Game from DayZ Developer: Vigor

Written by Hassan Abbas

The famous game developer Bohemia Interactive, known for the Dayz and ARMA series, has announced the game between them. It is not surprising that the Czech Republic-based studio will be launching a new multiplayer aiming game, as Dayz’s success in the past has been added to the account. The name of this game announced at E3 2018 event will be Vigor.

Vigor is about a 1991 year when the nuclear war is over. Central Europe is almost in ruins and remains Norway as the last fortress. As we begin as a man without a name, what we do in the vote will shape what will happen. You did not stop at Vigor, we would turn a shelter home, fight, escape or hide. Risks will also bring rewards and we will try to survive in this breathtaking experience.



Obviously, Vigor’s subject and promise are very interesting to the ear. At the same time, the first playability trailer, which is also released, looks pretty good. Unfortunately, Vigor will be a special game for Xbox One for now. However, we can imagine that the game will come out for Windows 10 in the future.

If you are wondering how it will be, you can watch Vigor’s first play video from below. Good looking!

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