A New Game About Mars was Created Based on NASA Images

Game About Mars
Written by Hassan Abbas

Right now, mankind is working purposefully to send the first explorers and settlers to Mars. The dream of conquering outer space very soon can become a reality – Ilon Mask in vain does not lose time. However, we clearly do not get into the first wave of space travelers. In the real world. In a virtual game, Red Rover allows us right now to go to the “red planet” and see how it looks on behalf of the pilot of the rover. The independent developer tried to make the project bring you a lot of fun, even support VR implemented.

Game About Mars

Game About Mars

For the creation of the Red Rover, I took satellite imagery and data from the orbiting device HiRISE, which belongs to NASA. Initially, I received this information in order to study Mars. This is my hobby. However, now I have created a full-fledged game in which you too can travel and explore Mars, “said Alan Chan, the creator of the project.

The game is a driving simulator on the “red planet“. Naturally, it was not possible to create a full-fledged map of Mars from the developer, since NASA still did not receive images of the entire surface of the planet. And the area of the location would have turned out to be too huge for a comfortable study. But here there are nine large territories where you can ride your rover, view the surrounding beauty and imagine how soon the real astronauts will travel on the same terrain.

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Separately, it should be clarified that although the game supports VR (Oculus Rift), you can travel in this virtual world on the most ordinary monitor. Graphics can not surprise connoisseurs of realistic pictures, but do not forget that Red Rover is created by one developer and not the whole team. And there are no direct competitors yet.

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