A Copy of the Sinister HAL9000 Computer is Already Available on Indiegogo

HAL-9000 Replica
Written by Hassan Abbas

Anyone can get HAL-9000 as a separate Bluetooth-speaker or with a command console, exactly as in the movie

This year celebrates its 50th anniversary of the classic of science fiction – Stanley Kubrick’s film “Space Odyssey 2001“. In honor of this event, Master Replicas Group opened pre-order for a replica of the cult computer HAL-9000 with artificial intelligence.

HAL-9000 Replica

HAL-9000 Replica

The fact that the Master Replicas Group creates a copy of the movie computer, it became known at the beginning of this year. Then the head of the company Steve Dymzo (Steve Dymszo) said that the device will use Echo technology from Amazon to turn it into a full-featured virtual assistant. He also promised that the first batch of HAL-9000 will go to its customers in the fall of 2018, but the plans have changed. A few months ago, developers had to rework their device, and now the dispatch is scheduled for January 2019, and in March a limited version of the HAL-9000 with a command console will be available.

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Master Replicas Group offers two versions of the HAL-9000: Bluetooth Speaker Edition and Command Console Limited Edition. The first is a stand-alone portable speaker with a docking station, which can be interfaced with other Bluetooth-enabled devices. It exactly repeats one of those devices installed on the spacecraft Discovery One in the Space Odyssey.

Another version of the gadget will be released in a limited edition in the 2001 copy, which will only be available via the Indiegogo crowdsport platform. This model has a large base with a 10.1-inch HD display and retro buttons for interacting with HAL. The device is equipped with voice assistant Amazon Alexa and, accordingly, has an Internet connection.

The basic version of HAL-9000 will cost $599, the advanced version – $1199. Now, according to the pre-order, the replica of the cult computer can be purchased for $419 and $889, respectively.

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