A Complete Review On Yify Proxy & Mirror

Yify Proxy & Mirror
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about Yify proxy? Yify is also known as YTS torrents now YTS is one of the largest and popular torrenting websites. A one-shop stop for amazing content at smaller sizes. It includes all the newest music, movies, and videos. However, a torrenting website, it’s always in danger and shut down for copyright violations. Luckily for you, there are lots of proxies and mirror sites that are available to help you to retain access to all the shows, movies, and videos that you love.

In this article, we’re going to begin by touching briefly on why should you always use a VPN while torrenting and provide you our recommendation for the best VPNs to use. Then, we’ll provide you a linked list of the best, working mirror sites or proxies. At last, we’ll discuss how to set up a VPN with Yify to stay secure or safe.

Need VPN

Torrenting sites have attracted the attention of everyone from TV networks or Hollywood studios. Lots of torrenting websites include the original form of Yify.

As your ISP can “see” what you do online, they can keep a record of your activity. Start an instant Google search, and you’ll find lots of examples of torrent users who got legal notices. Also, it had a wifi connection severed as their ISP or been dealt with fines, and much more. After connecting to the Wifi using a VPN first, though, all your activity – and your identity – becomes hidden in a secure “wrap” of encryption, making it impossible to discover your torrenting back to you.

Qualities to look for

There are many providers and also more information out there. So before you run off, take a look at some qualities we put together to keep a proper eye on.

  • Privacy provisions – One of the main reasons behind a VPN is to hide your activity or identity. Powerful encryption, with DNS leak protection and automatic kill switch, does that.
  • Speed – VPNs can slow down the speed of the internet for reasons related to the last quality. When you’re installing and streaming, this is the last thing you want.
  • Network size – A big network provides you more options. Facing issue with one server? Move to another. Or another.

Top VPNs For Yify Proxy Torrents:

Yify vpn


ExpressVPN is best for speeds across all providers we tested. They’ve got many things going for them, so it’s easy to view why. Using a large network of 3,000 servers on all 94 countries. ExpressVPN has lots of servers that are available to you. There is no speed caps, no choking, unlimited bandwidth, and no limitation on P2P or torrenting means you can stream and install buffer-free and fast.

ExpressVPN has the best security, too. Military-grade 256-bit AES encryption provides you 5 protocols to select from so you can bend in either direction toward security or speed. Also, a zero-logging policy, DNS leak test, and automatic kill switch make sure you’re activity and data are kept secure.


  •  Free trial of 3 months (49% off – link below)
  •  Fast, reliable connection
  •  Protective encryption & VPN protocols
  •  No personal information logs kept
  •  Support 24/7


  •  Costly for month-to-month users.


NordVPN is a network that crosses 5,500 servers in 58 countries. However, it has advanced settings capable of blasting past the difficult geo-blocks and other firewalls. Just one feature of this is their specialty servers. But most importantly, NordVPN offers a dedicated P2P network for torrenting and other installing– so you’re about welcomed powerful, efficient security there.


  •  Unblocks US Netflix
  •  5,400 servers in 58 countries
  •  Torrenting is explicitly permitted
  •  Zero-logs policy on both metadata & traffic
  •  24/7 Chat Support.


  •  Some servers can be unreliable or slow
  •  Apps can certainly be slow to connect.


CyberGhost is the best starting point for beginners. The installation is very fast and handy, and while launching the app you get an amazing, minimalist display. However, it has a user-friendly interface. There are 6 preset profiles in front of you, and when you tap on the one you get the best settings for that use-case. One of these preset is labeled “Torrent Anonymously”, providing the best settings for using Yify. But if you want a VPN for other cases, you can then surf anonymously, unblock streaming and basic websites, secure your internet connection, and select your server – each with a single tap.

For additional security – you can enable simple toggles for each profile and block other harmful websites, ads, and online tracking, or compress data, automatically taken to HTTPS, and increase your speed. And if we talk about security, CyberGhost offers you 256-bit AES encryption, security guard, and automatic kill switch, too.

CyberGhost has a massive network of 5,500+ servers in 80 different countries, providing you the infrastructure that compatible unlimited bandwidth, no speed limit, and fast connection speeds, too. At last, a clean logging policy keeps your activity private.


  •  Support Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, Amazon Prime
  •  Use Torrenting
  •  2,048-bit RSA keys
  • SHA256 authentication
  •  Secure: Powerful no logs policy
  •  24/7 Live Support.


  •  Can’t unblock some streaming sites.


PrivateVPN is another amazing, Yify-friendly VPN. The major pros are that it enables anonymous torrenting and greeted P2P users. Also, the service has a lot of amazing features for the P2P apps. You can also get unlimited bandwidth, fast speed, and server switches. It means that you can install without fretting about running out of traffic. The service enables up to 6 connections together so that you can torrent on various devices. Or else you can use some other connections for gaming, streaming, or work. The technology SOCKS5 means that you can also torrent from China, and a port forward service ensures that you can connect to PrivateVPN.

The server network moves around 150 servers in 60+ different countries, so you can select to relocate to a number of countries that can’t accuse P2P users. Encryption protocols such as TCP or OpenVPN’s UDP, that provide speed and security. However, the fast L2TP for when you want to install files instantly. The zero-logging policy is enough that nobody can trace you.


There are two main causes to use a VPN with Yify torrent. The first one is to hide your identity from the ISP, the government, and enterprises that might try to take legal action against you. Secondly is to overcome geoblocking filters in countries such as Saudi Arabia, China so you can enjoy the content freely. Fortunately, PureVPN can also help you in both departments. If you like a foreign IP, you’ll be happy to hear that PureVPN has 2,000+ nodes in 140+ countries. It means that you can access Yify easily.

In addition, PureVPN can also help you stay protected while torrenting from Yify. The main security feature is 256-bit encryption, which is so difficult that not even a supercomputer can break it with any regularity. Also, PureVPN has difficult no-logging policy that ends any of your confidential data (like real IP or browsing history) from getting saved. There’s also an amazing feature called Ozone that secures your device, data, and identity when you’re offline. There are lots of additional features available to desktop users. Like a kill switch that pause or ends data from leaving your PC if your VPN connection unfortunately drops. Another feature is split tunneling. In short, PureVPN’s security and big server network make it an upper-class option for Yify and torrenting in general.

Yify Proxy & Mirror Sites

Yify Proxy

While writing, the Yify torrents site ( is up and executing. But as we mentioned earlier, the lifetime of any torrenting site is limited. However, the original Yify Torrents site was completely shut down. But now the primary Yify site is a dummy of that one – and it has experienced issues that result in it going offline on occasion.

But if we talk about its nature, it’s always the best to take a backup plan in case of these shutdowns. Also, using a VPN, if the primary Yify site is slow down, you want a mirror or proxy. Here are the links of Yify proxy and mirror:

Mirror sites


Use Yify with VPN

As you must use a VPN before you initiate torrenting. Just follow these instant steps:


Step 1:

Select a VPN provider and head over to their web page (we suggested one of the 5 above). Once there, sign up on the “plans” page and fill the required information.

Step 2:

After signing up, install or download the VPN application to your selected device. If you’re using a mobile device, you should download the app from your device’s app store (i.e. Android’s Google Play Store, etc.).

Step 3:

Then, head over to your web browser and visit Remember that the page will automatically run an IP address lookup, which is shown in a box located at the top. Take note of your IP address.

Step 4:

Then launch your VPN and sign in. Some VPNs will automatically attach you to the fastest server available.

Step 5:

When the connection to the VPN server has successfully resolved. Then head over to your web browser back up and visit the site againThe IP address should have modified. If it hasn’t, come back to your VPN try reconnecting to the same or a different server.

Step 6:

After confirmed that your IP address has modified successfully and you’re connected to your VPN. Then start torrenting. Just move to the official site or one of the mirrors or proxies and enjoy it.

Use/Set-Up Anti-virus Software

Anti-virus Software

In the early 2000’s it was difficult to tell what you were getting before you installed it. Nowadays, it’s quite easier. While using or its respective proxies/mirrors, you can’t run into any issues. But it must be safe.

After downloading a torrent, virtually you are connected to all the other people who have downloaded it. If any of them have viruses or malware, your device might get infected. So come let’s take a look at these helpful tips:

Install or download anti-virus software

Initially, install or download anti-virus software. This will protect your PC, running in the background, and scans every file you open. If you find a virus, it quarantines it and destroys malicious code.

These programs are free and paid. For free anti-virus, PCMag suggested Avast and AVG.

Stay updated

Make sure all devices and software updated can help secure you against malware or viruses, too. Software errors have been used to take control of PC, but security experts work hard to monitor these errors and correct them for the other update. So that hackers can’t take benefit of them.

Yify & Shutdown


Introduced by a 23-year-old app expert named Yiftach Swery, YTS instantly became a leader of the torrenting industry and attracted the attention of all high-level authorities. One day in 2015, Yify disappeared. No one can access it, and no one knew what happened suddenly.

After a few days ago, the mystery started to sort out: an anti-piracy lawsuit had been registered against YTS and Swery by a New Zealand movie studio, MPAA. After a few days, the parties take over the case from court and signed a private settlement.

In the short term:

“There is always one thing in my mind and to my peers said ‘Whenever someone asks you to stop, you stop and move away from it’. This is essentially how it all played out.”

The new age of Yify

Well, the original Yify was erased. So, new teams started a dummy of the former, with its mirrors or proxies. They’re still unknown, but the content is still available in small size, with the best video quality.


Here’s all about “Yify proxy”. If you want to use Yify proxy torrents and mirror sites, try the ones we listed here a try. While writing, the primary site is still in use, but that can instantly modify. With this article, you’ve got a huge list of mirrors or proxies to torrent your favorite movies, shows, music, and farther into the future.

Do you want to use Yify proxy torrents or mirror sites? Is this article helpful? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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