A Complete Review On VAVA Dash Cam 2K

VAVA Dash Cam 2K
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about VAVA Dash Cam 2K? The dashcam market is quite soaked these days, using products ranging in price from $9 to $600 or so. As a result, it can be quite tough to get begin using your search without being blasted with choices. Come let’s take a look at its specification:

What’s Good in VAVA Dash Cam:

Camera It’s tough to search a 1440p video at this price point and step up from 1080p.
Design The hardware is well-done, both in terms of functionality or aesthetics.
Companion app It’s nothing special, but it seems good enough and gets the job done.

What’s not Good in VAVA Dash Cam:

No screen Basically dashcam at this price has a display.
No GPS It can be included on for $12, but other contenders have it built-in.

Hardware & Design

VAVA Dash Cam 2K

Dashcams can be extremely clunky-looking, but developers have considered in an effort to differentiate themselves from the rest. I’m a huge fan of what VAVA did with this dashcam.

The portion of mount attach to the camera magnetically. As it makes it quite easy to connect and part without having to undo everything whenever the camera wants to be accessed. Also, it makes adjusting the camera’s position less of a problem. The reset button or MicroSD card slot and sit behind a flap on the back.

Like other dashcams, this VAVA unit comes with an additional-long power wire so that it can be pushed under your car’s headliner and other small pieces away from sight. The L-shaped Micro-USB connector makes running the wire simpler and easier. When the camera can’t be plugged in, it’ll chime whenever it analyze movement to assure you to get it some power.

Camera & Android app

As you probably assume from the “2K” in the name, this dashcam’s selling point is its 1440p recording ability. Also, it can shoot 1080p60 and 1080p30. But it’d be quite silly to purchase a 1440p cam and use only 1080p. The OmniVision OV4689 sensor is the only 4MP, but I was amazed to find that it can take plates to some degree even on the highway when it was raining. Color exposure or balance isn’t too good, and the 155-degree wide-angle lens doesn’t hurt.

Do you want to buy this?

Remember it. The image quality is the name of the game here. Also, the VAVA Dash Cam 2K is top-notch in this regard. There are a many dashcams with 1440p videos out there that are reasonable. But they make less respected brands, have bad reviews, and/or have an inferior app. Using the VAVA, you know what you’re getting, and it comes in the best package. Also, the industry offers a $10 off just by tapping a checkbox, which brings the price down to $89.99.


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