A Complete Review On The Best Pixel 3 Cases

best pixel 3 cases
Written by Hassan Abbas

Are you looking for the best pixel 3 cases? If you think Pixel 2 and 2 XL were too costly, you might not happy after viewing Pixel 3’s $799 and Pixel 3 XL’s $899 MSRPs. The Pixel 3 XL received an advanced $50 move in price from the 2 XL. But the Pixel 3 went up by a vast $150 after comparing to the Pixel 2. It means that those who buy a new Pixel, besides the version, are probably going to want to secure it.

We decided to continuously update this article with the latest reviews as more cases come in. If there’s a specific case that you are interested in, let us know in the comments section. But without much ado come let’s a look on our best pixel 3 cases:

Best Pixel 3 Cases:

Here’s the list of the best pixel 3 cases:

Bellroy Leather Wallet Case

Bellroy Leather Case

Find “Pixel 3 XL wallet case” on Amazon, and you’ll then view some results, starting from low to high i.e $8 to $30+ for one with leather. Bellroy is one of them and its price is a bit higher at $89 (the 3 XL model is $99). This wallet case isn’t terrific, but the quality is good.

What’s Good in Bellroy Leather Wallet Case:

Build It’s elegant, and the materials seem to be the good quality than the standard Leather Case.
Protection All 4 edges are covered well, the lip is quite good, and the wallet flap will help secure your display screen.

What’s not Good in Bellroy Leather Wallet Case:

Slots Bellroy said that you can fit 4 cards b/w the two slots, but it’s an extremely tight squeeze.
Price I’m not sure any case that can’t use the highest-end of materials is deserving of a $100 price point, quite less this one.

Fortunately, the main distinction is the addition of a wallet flap upfront. The flap is decent in quality. Also, the flap has two speaker cutouts and “Bellroy” embossed under it. The flap also works as a kickstand, that is very nice.

Bellroy said that the cover can hold 4 cards. However, 4 cards are a very tight fit. Especially in the slot behind the fold, which I really wouldn’t suggest trying to fit 2 cards in. I think 3 is the max (2 up front, 1 behind), and also that’s it’s a kind of squeeze. Also, there are nanoSIM slots and also a SIM ejector tool at the back of the phone. Bellroy might figure that it had better make use of the rooms or space above the card slot. I assume it comes quite handy while traveling.

I was amazed to view that Bellroy used a higher level of leather than it did via Leather Case. But ~$50 price above, it’s not unexpected. The Wallet Case’s is very soft and fine. As they seem nearly similar. The buttons are pretty soft and don’t have much feedback. Also, the fingerprint sensor is a bit deep, but security is actually pretty good.

The Leather Wallet Case is not something I can suggest. It’s protective and it has room for cards. But its buttons are soft, the screen can’t auto wake/sleep when you open or close the flap. Also, it can’t save many cards as Bellroy says it can. However, the case is flawless, I wouldn’t suggest it for its high price. The colors of the Leather Wallet Case is Navy, Caramel (pictured), Black, Coral, and Graphite.

Bellroy Leather Case:

Bellroy Leather Case

As a big fan of leather cases on mobile, specifically Apple’s line for its iPhones. The shell felt lower than the other $10 cases I had. It reminds me of cardboard, it had little security, and it made the buttons impractical. Its cost is $50. For the Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL, things have gotten much better, though they’re still not good.

What’s Good in Bellroy Leather Case:

Design It’s the best-looking case in any of the 6 colors it’s available in.
Feel As the case’s frame is mushy and the leather wraps around to the edges, it’s quite good to hold.
Protection It’s a lot protective, thanks to the lip becoming larger and the bottom no longer being revealed.

What’s not Good in Bellroy Leather Case:

Leather While it feels good than last year’s, it’s not high-quality and is choppy around the corners.
Buttons Anything would be quite good than last year’s small cutouts, but these are pretty devoid of feedback. They also got stuck.
Price  $50

As the Bellroy Pixel 2 case was something I want to throw out. However, the Pixel 3 model is something I’d be alright with using every day. The earlier version can’t fit hard plastic, so a mushy flex polymer that actually feels elegant in the hand. The bottom, which was earlier fully reveal, has been covered up. The lip around the phone front is solid and clears a glass screen protector without a problem. The leather now wraps around the corners much further. There are also real, usable buttons now.

Still, the case has some problems, though. The leather is quite mushy than last year’s, but it’s still very slim and not as comfortable as the kind Apple uses. It’s poorly stick on the corners, with wrinkles aplenty. I would be very amazed if the leather didn’t initiate to peel after a few months of use. In addition, while there are few buttons this time around, some of the dumbest ones I’ve ever used.

I’m a huge fan of the Bellroy Pixel 3 case looks. Also, the quality of the leather is just not up to quench. Also, my biggest concern is about leather’s long-term durability, provided that it’s wrinkled and easily peeled out of the pack. Many improvements made from it earlier model, but that’s really not saying much. The case cost is $45 for the Pixel 3 and cost $49 for the Pixel 3 XL. Also, it’s available in 6 different colors. These are Black, Navy, Caramel, Coral, Graphite, and Not Pink.

Case-Mate Waterfall

Here’s another one come let’s take a look at its pros and cons:

Case-Mate Waterfall

What’s Good in Case-Mate Waterfall:

Design The glitter is… unique? Probably appeal to a select audience.
Buttons They’re tactile or gold — the same kind that old Spigen Neo Hybrid cases had.
Protection Thick material and the glitter window might burst before your mobile breaks.

What’s not Good in Case-Mate Waterfall:

Bulk The glitter window makes the thing quite thick.
Price $40 not too cheap.

Come let’s start with the glitter first. The case has a snow globe effect, which I assume it is on a 2D level. There are actually many components inside, each having its own properties. For example, the spheres roll up and down instantly and with ease. However, the glitter particles just kind of slowly slide their way over.

However, the glitter window makes the back very thick, so it’s better than Case-Mate having a larger cutout for the fingerprint sensor. Case-Mate also works with wireless charging. The buttons are the very hard plastic kind that genuinely taps. They’re also gold for extra bling. The edges bump out a bit for additional impact absorption, though they exhibit the same “water” effect that several other clear TPU cases do.

I think 2 types of people this is targeted. The first is tweens (there might aren’t several with Pixel 3s) and parents with children who are entertained by the glitter (although you might don’t like your children shaking your $800 mobile).

Google Fabric Case:

Google Fabric-Best Pixel 3 Cases

Fabric cases were launched by Google with the Pixel 2 and 2 XL. I’m glad to say that the Pixel 3 model is just as good, having all the good qualities of the earlier version while slimming down and gaining a bit more security.

What’s Good in Google Fabric Case:

Design It’s one of the most delicate cases out there.
Feel The fabric’s texture is quite good from every other case’s plastic.
Buttons So elegant, and the power button gets a dash of color on some models.

What’s not Good in Google Fabric Case:

Maintenance It can’t play perfectly with difficult conditions, and you can wash it from time to time.
Price $40

The case uses the nylon-polyester fabric that the earlier one did, providing the best feeling in the hand and elegant design. The buttons are as smooth as ever, and some color choices even have a colored power button. The case has thinner a bit from last year’s, but it feels just as solid. In fact, it becomes more protective, thanks to the much thinner area on the bottom left open.

Incipio DualPro (ID)

Incipio DualPro-Best Pixel 3 Cases

ID is the older case companies and it’s using the same formula for its DualPro line. However, a mushy inner layer, a soft-touch tough outer shell, and a logo under the right side. Nothing’s really modified using the DualPro for the Pixel 3/3 XL.

What’s Good in Incipio DualPro (ID):

Design It’s smooth, mushy, and inoffensive; nothing special, but it’s well put-together.
Protection All four edges are secured, and there’s a sizable lip over the display screen.
Materials The soft-touch back, amazingly, does a good job of resisting fingerprints.

What’s not Good in Incipio DualPro (ID):

Price $30

The DualPro is a decent, hard case for those who like protection without the “rugged” look. It’s two layers put the case on the thicker side, but they come quite handy when your mobile automatically takes a tumble. The buttons are perfect- not the clan out there, but they are difficult to push.

I think of its price at $30, it’s more costly than we compare it to the Spigen or Tudia dual-layer case. However, the fine lines and general lack of any problems probably make it worth it to some.

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell is a designer case. These cases are usually made for iPhones and might some Samsung Galaxy phones, but Kate Spade New York has been launching them for Pixels ever since the first one. The case is good for someone who really likes the Kate Spade brand.

What’s Good in Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell:

Design It’s unique and elegant. At least it doesn’t identical to the $20 case.
Protection The case has thick padding all around the case.

What’s not Good in Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell:

Design (again) The sequins on the back protect the case from being able to grip whatever surface you lay it on properly.
Price $49.99
Protection (again) Due to how thick the padding is, it makes the mobile much wider and tougher to hold onto.

All four corners of the phone are a thick layer of TPU. However, it has a white-colored insert that apparently helps with shock absorption. It has an average size flip. It has a flower pattern at its back that laid over a hard clear back.

However, there are several issues in it. The corner padding makes the mobile quite bigger in the hand. Also, if you’re putting this case on something as big as a Pixel 3 XL, you probably find it difficult to hold. In addition, the sequins secure the case from being able to sit properly, and also it put scratch if you’re not careful.

KerfCase Wood Case

KerfCase Wood Case-Best Pixel 3 Cases

The idea of a wood case isn’t unique and new. However, there are lots of cases for many phones in which a wood panel is applied at the back of a pretty standard case. The case, however, cut each of its wood cases out of a single block of wood.

What’s Good in KerfCase Wood Case:

Materials The wood’s feel, look, and smell can’t be identified by any other case.
Buttons Amazingly tactile.
Warranty If the case breaks, KerfCase replaces it free of charge, besides whether it’s your fault or the case.

What’s not Good in KerfCase Wood Case:

Size Because of the nature of the wood construction, the mobile becomes quite wider and tough to hold.
Price $69 – $439.

The design of the case is pretty elegant. The logo “KERF” sticks on the right side. Alternatively, it leaves the design part up to woodgrain, which will quite different for every single case. The Pixel 3 XL case is made of redesigned Pittsburgh cherry, and the Pixel 3’s walnut is from a grove of trees.  The company works amazingly well.

As the whole case is made of wood, it’s quite big. It increases the phone width, making it tougher to use one-handed. Make sure that the wood case buttons probably have some problems, but they’re amazingly clicky.

KerfCase offers nineteen wood choices. They all are different. The cost of my cherry Pixel 3 XL case and walnut Pixel 3 case is $89 and $69, respectively. But the woods such as Amboyna Burl or Eucalyptus Burl can make the price higher i.e $400 (!) per case. The cost of Pixel 3 XL cases $10 more, the custom text is an additional $10, and custom images are an additional $20. Make sure you get a lifetime warranty, if the wood cracks, or issue in the case, KerfCase will repair/replace it for free.

Spigen Liquid Crystal

Spigen Liquid Crystal- Best Pixel 3 Cases

It’s another best pixel 3 cases. Spigen has some clear cases in its lineup. The Liquid Crystal is the enterprise’s cheapest and very popular clear case. But for a good reason — it’s too good. At $11.99, this case might one of the best ranges for your money out there.

What’s Good in Spigen Liquid Crystal:

Design The pattern dot-matrix on the back means keeps things well-organized.
Protection The combination of all edges being covered. Its rubbery material makes this case very confidence-inspiring.
Buttons Like some other Spigen cases, they’re very solid.
Price $11.99

What’s Good in Spigen Liquid Crystal:

Fingerprints It’s liable to them, like some cases of its kind are.
“Water” effect Tough to notice, but it’s there on the edges and corners. That’s about it.

The case Liquid Crystal is the best choice. The whole case is made up of TPU, which is grippy and feels good in the hand. The material is quite thick. It means that it should fare well in a drop. The edges have Spigen’s “air cushion” tech for added impact absorption. The buttons are clicky and make a generate a good noise.

There are some minor faults. The dot-matrix pattern on the whole back secures the “water” effect from taking over, but it is visible on the sides. The back is open to fingerprints, so you might want to have microfiber on deck. However, both issues with all clear cases and the Liquid Crystal shine in all other areas


So that’s all about “The best pixel 3 cases”. If you think that it is helpful then do let us know your suggestions in the comment section below. Which one you really like? Do you think we miss any of your favorite Pixel 3 cases? Comment us below and stay tuned with us!

Also, for any difficulty ask us without any hesitation!

Till then! Stay Safe 🥰

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