A Complete Review On REVVLRY Phones

Written by Hassan Abbas

Do you think REVVLRY phones are quite similar to Moto G7? T-Mobile pushing its affordable smartphones under the REVVL banner for a few years now. In this entire process, the series are stumbling between ODMs moving through the REVVL, REVVL +, REVVL T1 tablet, and REVVL 2. For its third generation smartphones. The carrier apparently decided to partner with a very mainstream developer to deliver all upcoming REVVLRY and REVVLRY plus.

After selecting some trademarks like the “Max Vision” shows and the “TurboPower” fast charging. We found that the REVVLRY is formed around the Moto G7 Play. But the REVVLRY plus is basically a Moto G7+. It can’t be sold in North America. However, both Tmo’s phones have a couple of design tweaks using their originals, though the REVVLRY’s lozenge-like screen notch and the REVVLRY+’s teardrop notch similar to their counterparts.

Talking about the similarity, the T-Mobile and Motorola devices share various of the same specs. Come let’s take a look on specs for the REVVLRY:


REVVLRY phones


Display 5.7″ 1520×720 Max Vision IPS LCD
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 632
Storage 32GB
Rear camera 13MP
Front camera 8MP
Power 3,000mAh battery w/ 10W charging
OS Android 9 Pie

Well, the only Moto G7 Play SKU is available in the US. It has 2GB of RAM. Also, it copies every other spec line listed here.


Display 6.24″ 2270×1080 Max Vision IPS LCD
SoC Qualcomm Snapdragon 636
Storage 64GB
Rear camera 16MP + 5MP
Front camera 12MP
Power 3,000mAh battery w/ 27W TurboPower charging
IP rating IP54
OS Android 9 Pie

Both mobiles come with water-resistant micro coating, microSD-expandable storage, face unlock, and a fingerprint sensor. However, T-Mobile warranties restore for up to 2 years.

They come in black and it is available on July 19. The cost of REVVLRY is $200 FRP (the same price as the Moto G7 Play in the U.S.) Also, the REVVLRY+ costs $350 (it gets close to the recent going price for a Moto G7 Plus in Brazil). However, if the REVVLRY+ brings with the Bluetooth 5.0 radios and Moto G7 Plus’s NFC, that is our choice of the two.


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