A Complete Review On Razer Hammerhead [AirPods Style Earbuds]

Razer Hammerhead
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about Razer Hammerhead? Well, beyond all the players – Anker, Apple, Plantronics, Sony, Jaybird, and others – there are lots of white-label versions from countless companies. Rather than this, rubber-tipped earbuds still extremely outnumber Apple-style plastic-tipped buds.

Razer is no stranger to earbuds or headphones, also the company’s existing line of Hammerhead headphones has received some +ve reviews. Recently, Razer launched its first wireless earbuds, using a promised low-latency mode for gaming and a cost of $99.


Drivers 13 mm
Frequency response 20 Hz – 20kHz
Max input power 8mW
Weight 45 grams
Battery 275mAh battery, “up to 16 hours” with case, “4 hours” on a single charge
Audio codecs AAC, SBC
Price $99


Design If you want AirPods, you might like the shape and fit of these.
Price The $99 price-tag is lower than most of the competition.


Gaming Mode The lower-latency ‘Gaming Mode’ doesn’t look to be quite different than other earbuds.
Battery life 3 hours of battery life is on the short side when several other truly wireless earbuds can manage 5-8 hours.

Design, hardware, what’s new

I think it’s important to introduce this section by stating that I don’t want in-ear earbuds, that is why I’ve used Apple AirPods as for over a year.

So when Razer announces the AirPods-style earbuds that charged using USB Type-C and worked perfectly using Android. I was glad to try them out. Fast forward some days, and the Hammerhead True Wireless displayed up at my doorstep.

The Hammerhead charging case is a bit on the large side. It is especially when to put next to the rack for AirPods. On the front is a single LED that provides you an idea of the power level (green for full, orange, and red for low), and at the back is a USB Type-C port.

The earbuds are a good standard affair. Such as AirPods, there is a long stem under each bud containing the battery. The buds reside in your ear, but I found they take time to adjust than AirPods.

The Razer logos on each bud that act as touch buttons. Hitting and holding for a second play or pauses media, holding 2 seconds enables the assistant on your mobile. Also, holding for 6 seconds enables pairing mode, double-clicking ignores to the other track and triple-clicking returns to the earlier track. The low-latency gaming mode can be enabled by triple-clicking and holding for two seconds. Clicking and holding the button in the best combination feels like trying to enter the Konami Code.


Battery life is another important feature in these earbuds. However, some other wireless earbuds can reach 6 hours of battery life, such as Plantronics BackBeat and Libratone Track Air+ Pro 5100. Well, others hit 8 hours, the Razer Hammerhead maxes out around 3 hours on a single charge. Razer reports “up to 4 hours,” but that didn’t look to be accurate in my testing.


Razer also offers a very basic app to move with the Hammerhead. It can display the battery life of each earbud.

Audio quality and latency

So how do games or music sounds on the Hammerhead? Well, it’s just like AirPods. Moving between the two, Razer’s buds sounded quite compressed than the AirPods. Also, it is slightly less bass. You’re never going to get amazing sound quality from earbuds that reside in your ear. However, podcasts come through clear, elegant music sounds. Also, the volume can get very sharp. I was easily listening to news updates while I was doing my work.

Razer’s reports 60ms low-latency audio are the best selling point for these earbuds. Assumingly making the Hammerhead best-in-class for gaming. I tried lots of mobile games (Fortnite, Sonic Dash, some emulators, etc.), but I wasn’t able to tell a visible difference b/w latency on the Hammerhead and latency from AirPods or any other Bluetooth earbuds I owned.


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