A Complete Review On Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO
Written by Hassan Abbas

What do you know about Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO Wireless Earbuds? Why Soundcore wants two definite but identical priced models is the first question I review. The Liberty Air (MSRP $80/£80) and Liberty Neo (MSRP $60/£58) both feature Bluetooth 5, graphene-coated drivers, and IPX5 sweat resistance. But make sure but there is also a distinction to justify the separate SKUs and price difference.

The Liberty Neo looks to be a more active crowd. It has a strong build quality and different wings/tips added to provide a secure fit. If you want to get the lower price down to 60 dollars, a lot of other whistles or bells are missing, yet the audio quality is amazingly decent. They can’t compete with versions in a higher price bracket.

What’s the best in Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO Wireless Earbuds 

Soundcore Liberty NEO

Design and build They can’t win any design awards but they’re harmless and the plastic build doesn’t feel too cheap.
Comfort The fit is good enough and they’re light not to become an annoyance during a long listening period.
Sound There are good sounding true wireless earbuds on the market but it’s difficult to do better at a cheap price.
Case It’s not too heavy and easily pocketable. A rubber base so it can’t slip off surfaces is a good touch, and the LED battery indicators perfectly do their job.
Price The MSRP of $60 is quite good value and you’ll want be able to choose them up for also less on sale.

What’s not best in Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO Wireless Earbuds

Battery Life 3 hours is quite good but can’t match the Liberty Air or recent version from competing brands.
Buttons I’m not a big fan of touch controls. But I also don’t want to put these things into my ears whenever I want to ignore a track. No volume controls either.
Micro-USB In 2019, not having USB Type-C is difficult to accept, also on a product this cheap.
Call quality As using some true wireless earbuds, the microphones aren’t good while choosing your voice during calls.

Hardware, Design, what’s in the package

I don’t think they’re not attractive, and the visible white logo on each one could put some people off. Well said, at least they don’t mimic the style of Apple’s AirPods. Also, if it means they stick out of your ears quite more than some others.

Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO

If there’s one major hardware issue. It must have to be the buttons. Some costly sets want to come with touch controls i.e the Dynamic & Master MW07 aside. But still, I think that fix can be inconsistent and difficult to get grips with. Buttons can be much better as they’re more tangible. But they only placed in such a direction that you can squeeze the buds besides pushing them into your ear. The Liberty Neo buttons fall into the 2nd category, and it just can’t feel good to hit them. A single hit on either earbud will play/pause or answer a call, with a 1-second hit needed to ignore forward (R) or back (L), and double-click to call upon the Google Assistant. Unfortunately, you have to use your mobile if you like to modify the volume — that’s quite difficult.

When you’re not putting them into your ears because of the controls. These earbuds are very comfortable. They’re not small but they’re light. The fit is also cozy enough to fit in your ears while running or at the gym besides you’re way too robust. Also, the IPX5 rating means that they’re sweatproof. I got an amazingly good seal, with the out-of-the-pack ear wings or tips, and that is really helpful with the total sound quality.

The case is solid. It must be small enough to adjust into our pockets and it having a rubber base section to pause it sliding off tables. 3 LED lights show battery life once you open the case up. Also, the hinge has a satisfying tap to it. Besides several true wireless earbud cases, there’s a rubber stopper to secure the Micro-USB port from dust particles. Inside the retail box, there’s the best selection of other wings and tips so you can customize the fit to suit your requirements. Also, there’s a short Micro-USB cable for charging — these aren’t for you if you’re pining for a USB-C-only life.

Sound quality & Battery life

Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO

However, there’s no fast pairing, the Liberty Neo was simple to set up. I wasn’t expecting to move away by the quality of audio. But these earbuds don’t sound good. There’s heat and good balance, although the low-pitch can be lacking and besides wrap relying on what you’re hearing to and there’s nowhere near as much information as you’ll get with a more costly pair of earbuds. Also, the sound is much better than I was expecting.

There was very tiny visible audio/video latency. It makes them perfect for watching videos on the go. Using Bluetooth 5 on board, there were some connection problems. Also, they came only build-in urban environments with many interferences. The connection range was also as good as any other pair I’ve experienced, expanding all the way across my apartment without any problem.

As there’s no required Soundcore app. However, you can’t adjust the sound profile in any way and you can’t get any firmware updates. No big surprise at this price. Other luxuries like wear detection are also not present. So you must remember to stop them manually whenever you take them out of your ear to talk to your mother or someone else. Also, they have noise-canceling microphones, I can’t find the quality of call to be different from some other products of this kind.

Continuously I manage 3 hours of battery life while using the Liberty Neo to hear a variety of podcasts or music. That’s not too good, also if it is half an hour less than the announced 3.5 hours. It can’t match up 5 hours that you get from the Jabra Elite 65t and Liberty Air or 6 hours Galaxy Buds can boast. But it’s on an equality with some other cheaper version. The case is good for roughly three more full charges.

Do You Want to buy them?

Sure. If you’re wondering for a reasonable and functional pair of truly wireless earbuds that don’t sound terrific. They fit the bill. They are easy to wear and stay in fine while exercise. Not just this but also sweatproof. A bit more money gets you the good audio quality and advanced features like wear-detection or touch control. But they’re good-to-haves besides necessities. The Soundcore Liberty Neo done a good job of balancing basic features using a low price point and are quite easy to suggest.

Where to buy



  • Amazon — £41.99 at time of writing



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