7 of the 10 Best Selling Phones on the Planet are High Range

Best Selling Phones
Written by Hassan Abbas

The mobile phone market is strange, although this may be applicable to any other technological and non-technological sector. Depending on the perspective with which we observe it, the results are one or the other, and sometimes very different from each other. As the fact that the premise that the low ranges, because of its cut-price, are the ones with the most volume of general sales, it comes down when the models are observed one by one.

Individuality is not the block, and what CounterPoint tells us in its latest market study throws data that must be dealt with calmly, because they do not stop surprising despite its focus. Up to seven of the ten best-selling phones in the world in April were high ranges, another two were average ranges, and the last, only one, an economic mobile. A Xiaomi Redmi 5A.

Best Selling Phones

Five of the Ten is iPhone

Best Selling Phones

It is easy to assume that lower ranges should be the ones with the most sales, but at the individual level, the same does not seem to be happening. The cheapest cell phone in the list, the Xiaomi Redmi 5A, has a sale price in Spain of 109 euros and ranks third in the best-selling models. The iPhone X, the first of the list, costs 10.6 times more and its sales have doubled to those of Xiaomi.

As we say, it is a curious vision of a market that shows that high ranges are still good spearheads for their respective catalogs. Apple has five of its phones among the best sellers. Logical, on the other hand. Its almost 15% of the world market comes from very few models. And when there is less to distribute, the slice must be higher.

Hence, the iPhone X has 3.5% of total individualized sales, or that the iPhone 8 Plus accumulate 2.3%. Or 1.6% and 1.4% of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, or that iPhone 6 that is still alive, three generations later, and has achieved 1.2% to close the list of the ten phones with more sales at an individual level.

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Five iPhone, three Samsung, one Xiaomi, one Oppo.

Intermixed with the rest are three of Samsung, two of which are the new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, and the third is the Galaxy J7 Pro. We always comment that the Samsung J lines sell a lot, and here is the example. The other two, the aforementioned Xiaomi and an Oppo A83. A telephone that must have a lot of help from China and India, because its international presence is rather scarce.

Perhaps we can attribute these individual sales to the fact that the giants of each catalog are the ones that enjoy the most attention in advertising, or that are the ones most spoiled by the operators for obtaining a greater profit margin. The reasons may be many, but what seems clear is that high ranges work. At least individually, because the mass may behave in a different way.

We can find the explanation for something as simple as when we go to buy a high range there are few options, but of medium ranges and economic ranges, the stores are full. And, logically, sales have to be shared. Except that from time to time, some unexpected best-selling model emerges. As it may be the Xiaomi Redmi 5A. Although it has not been able with the two heavyweights of Apple.

Via: counterpointresearch

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