5 Android Apps to Find Song Name

5 Android Apps to Find Song Name
Written by Hassan Abbas

5 Android Apps to Find Song Name

No more need to climb into the browser. These programs automatically find the words of the playing track, and some even show the translation.


The Musixmatch application displays the words of the players playing on the device in their window or compact widget. The text is automatically synchronized with the music. In addition, the program can find and show words of songs recognized by the microphone: just press the special button in the application and bring the gadget to the sound source.

Musixmatch is not only a text search engine but also an audio player, so you can listen to the songs right in the app. Plus, the program can display double texts: lines with the original words and immediately translated.

By subscribing for 269 rubles a month, you can save selected texts for reading without the Internet, disable advertising and increase the speed of word search.

Musixmatch - Songtexte
Musixmatch - Songtexte
Developer: Musixmatch
Price: Free


To find lyrics in Genius, you can use manual internal search by title and words or automatic recognition of tracks using a microphone.

Genius differs from other similar programs of the social component. This is a platform, users of which interpret the meaning of certain lines. Among these people are many fans who follow the life and work of their favorite authors and collect facts that help understand the meaning of the songs.

In general, after finding the text of the song you are interested in, you can see what the experts are saying about it. Interpretations that gain the maximum votes of the community are always in sight.

Genius especially like fans of English-speaking rap, as the texts of this genre in the database of the service are much larger than others. But the lyrics of Russian-speaking authors are still not enough.


Android-based application QuickLyric displays lyrics that are played in other programs on the same device. Recognize audio using a microphone application can not. Words can be viewed in a special widget or QuickLyric window.

In the free version, there is advertising. To disable annoying ads, unlock night mode, additional themes and support for watches with Wear OS, you can issue a paid subscription for 109 rubles a month or 259 rubles a year.


Shazam – the most popular among applications for recognizing unfamiliar songs through a microphone. But if you suddenly did not know, along with the title it also displays other information, including the words of the tracks. Unfortunately, the catalog of the program almost does not contain Russian-language songs. But if you like foreign music, then you can safely use Shazam.

The program is also useful because it shows personal music recommendations and compositions similar to the one chosen. The text of the current song is displayed in sync with the music.

Shazam can be used for free, but with advertising. You will have to pay for the version without ads.

Developer: Apple Inc.
Price: Free


Another program that defines songs by sound and shows their names and words. This application, like Shazam, synchronizes the text with the tempo of the music, so you can listen and read in parallel.

There are also few Russian-language texts in the SoundHound database. But if the application does not find words, you can click on the additional search button – the program will search for the text of the song on Google. It will insert the title of the track into the search form, and you will only have to click on the link to the site with the words found.

In addition, SoundHound displays music charts to keep the user informed of popular songs and clips.If you want to get rid of advertising, you can purchase a paid version.

SoundHound - Musikerkennung
SoundHound - Musikerkennung

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