3 Million Dollars For Those Who Find A Zero-Day Vulnerability In iOS Or Mac OS

Vulnerability In iOS Or Mac OS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Discovering a security hole in iOS or macOS is serious, although Apple has its own reward program and pays anyone who finds a vulnerability, there are third-party companies that pay even better . Crowdfense, a UAE company offers up to 3 million dollars for vulnerabilities in Apple’s operating systems.

As indicated by Motherboard, the Arab startup is looking for zero-day security holes in the four main operating systems: iOS, MacOS, Windows, and Android. The condition is that they are zero-day vulnerabilities, that is, they have not been informed before or the companies to which the operating systems or third parties belong.

Vulnerability In iOS Or Mac OS

Discover vulnerabilities to … help society?

That a company wants to have access to vulnerabilities in iOS or macOS already makes us suspect. Normally companies that look for zero-day vulnerabilities take advantage of them to bypass the security of the operating system, this is how the jailbreak arises for example. According to the director of Crowdfense, they want to sell these vulnerabilities to the security forces:

When I think of the government agencies I do not think of the military side, I think of the civil party, which works against crime, terrorism and things like that. We only focus on tools designed to carry out police or intelligence activities, not to destroy or deteriorate the functionality and effectiveness of the systems, but only to collect information.

In other words, they seek to sell mechanisms to access the devices to the authorities. The current budget available to them is 10 million dollars, with rewards of up to 3 million for each vulnerability. Succulent and understandable when Apple’s reward program, for example, offers a maximum of $200,000 for a vulnerability.

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Via: motherboard

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