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1Blocker X for iOS: The Most Customizable Content Blocker of All

1Blocker X for iOS
Written by Hassan Abbas

Two years ago came to the App Store 1Blocker, a new content blocker that stood out (and still does) among the rest of similar applications by the magnitude of rules and customization options offered. 1Blocker X is the new version of this service, and it improves even more if it fits the features it offers.

Block or not block ads on web pages? If you notice, it is not an ad blocker as such, but a content blocker. It is different because the content blockers in addition to removing ads allow eliminating trackers and parts of web pages that simply annoy and worsen the navigation. This is something I’ve always liked about 1Blocker, the different customization options to choose which elements to block in the web pages.

1Blocker X for iOS

The news and changes of 1Blocker X

1Blocker X is a new application, not a 1Blocker update. It is a new application because it has been practically written from scratch, according to its developers. This decision has allowed them to incorporate new features from the base and restructure some parts of the app:

  • There are a lot of new rules in the app. The rules tell the blocker what items to block or not block in Safari. To get an idea, around 120,000 rules to block different types of content on different web pages.
  • Regional rules. Each country or region has its own pages and with characteristic elements, now the app allows us to activate specific rules of different countries with local web pages. In addition, new regions will be added in future updates.
  • You can protect access to the app by Touch ID or Face ID.
    Improvements in the creation of new rules that allow you to easily select the content you want to block from a web page by creating a new rule. You open the extension of 1Blocker X in the Safari website, click on the item you want to block and automatically 1Blocker selects it and allows you to create the blocking rule.
  • In general, 1Blocker X is an update of the app, so that surfing the Internet stops being an ordeal and above all is more private. The previous app, 1Blocker, will continue to be available in the App Store for all those who bought it at the time and will continue to block content. However, all future developments will reach 1Blocker X.
Developer: 1Blocker, LLC
Price: Free+

Why use 1Blocker? There are a few content blockers in the App Store, also free, although you should discard them directly. Free content blockers either sell your browsing data to third parties or have agreements with third parties to block their content. Among the content blockers, in my case, I prefer 1Blocker because of the multitude of rules that you can create so that each page you usually visit is exactly what you prefer. And of course, having the app also in macOS and synchronized with all devices by iCloud is a plus.

1Blocker X for iPhone and iPad can be purchased from the App Store for 5.49 euros, a single purchase without in-app payments. On the other hand, remember that you also have 1Blocker for macOS for 10.99 euros in the Mac App Store, the perfect complement to get rid of AdBlocker and other types of quite suspicious blockers.

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