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123movies: Some Of The Alternative Site To123movies

Written by Lara John


Today you will learn that which free movie sites that you will use instead of 123movies. So, Before starting the list, you have to let me tell you about the 123movie site. Now, This site was one of the best and top-rated movie sites on the internet. Practically, all movies of the freaks are very well familiar with this site. Now, This site also has a huge database of movies and tv shows. It is available on the 19th March. So, this site also has been shut down from the internet.

There are thousands of movies that are from different genres. So, that we were could watch and download for free on this site. Also, many sites are available on the internet where you can watch movies for free, which we discuss in this article. This will also let us start the list of the best websites like 123movies. Now, we will also give you a tip for a better experience so read this article properly.

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Few Best Similar Sites Like 123movies:

#1 The _ 123movies Alternative:


Few people like to watch movies and tv shows. This will also like this because there are no annoying ads. So, that you have to keep popping up after a minute on this site. Then Second thing is that they have a vast collection of movies. So, You can also browse different movies and shows through category, genre, actors, country, and language. Now, This website also has a cast screen feature on any smart device where you can play movies directly.

So, You can also register an account that you can also save your favorite movies and series. Now, you can also create your profile to get their latest movie updates. Then you can also search for any desired movie via IMDB ID, Actor & Category.

#2 A Vumoo 123movies Alternative:

A Vumoo app is also one of the best alternative sites of 123movies. So, that is why we have to put it first on our list. Now, This site is also for those who love to watch movies and TV shows. It is just because of it that has a large collection of updated data. Now, the most important part about this site is totally free for all.

Then the Vumoo also offers you to download the stuff which you also want to download, which is also free. In case, if you are a Netflix user, then you will also notice that this site is much more similar.

#3  A Gomovies _ 123movies Alternative:

A Gomovies is also another alternative site to 123movies. This is also free to watch movies online. Now, You can easily find the trending movies or shows on the site’s homepage. So, This site is top-rated because of its simple interface. It will also help us to find movies easily.

Also, Suppose that you are a daily user of 123movies. You can also check out this site because this site is also like 123movies. So, You can also get HD quality movies on it. In case, if you want to watch the latest movie. Now, there is a Box office category section where you will also find a list of the latest movies.

#4 The Solar Movie:

This is one of the popular websites where you can also watch movies and tv shows in HD quality without any signup process. So, This site’s layout is also very similar to Fmovies, which is good. Having the homepage of this site is also very adjustable, where you can also find the latest movie easily.

Now, this has all amount of collection for both of the movies and tv shows. Also, there is some more interesting category just like New movies, HD movies. Also, Most popular and few more features. So, You can easily steam this site for watching movies and tv shows.

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#5 A Yes!Movie:

Assume that we will talk about a free movie site or sites similar to 123movies at that time. If Yes! Then the movie is one of the first sites pop-ups in our minds. Now, This site also has a large database. It means you can also watch any movies or tv shows for free.

Then you can also download any movie or tv show for free of cost. Also, One thing that is best on this site is speed. So, this site’s speed is much better than others and it is the page within a second. In case, if you are one of those who always prefer subtitles of the movie, then this site is for you.

#6 A streaming sites _123movies Alternative:


A streaming site is also a whole new concept when it comes to 123 alternatives. This is not only if it gives you a plethora of options. You have to watch movies and Tv shows but on a whole new level. A Streaming Site can also give you ready access to all the available and live websites. This is just like 123Moves.

It is Not only all the website are live, but easily accessible without any geolocation restriction. In case, if you are tired of looking for all the different alternatives. It is just like 123movies, and you can also simply log on to streaming sites and choose any site you like to stream content.

#7 The Showbox 123movies Alternative:

A Showbox is also another beneficial site that is available on the list. Now, This is also an alternative to 123movies. So, where you can also get any content for free. Now, This site also provides its viewers with an app that you can download on your phone or pc.

This is also one of the best parts is, if you don’t have to register or pay for this app. It means you can also use it for free. Besides that, you can also save the movies on the app. Then you can also watch later without any internet connection.

#8 A Soap2day 123movies Alternative:

A Soap2day also provides both movies and TV shows for people to watch online. Also, it is free of charge. Now, This site can also run very fluently. Then people can also stream the movies with good quality. So, On Soap2day, you can also know what is the latest movie that has been on and browser the old one just by genres or categories. A Soap2day is also a reliable alternative to 123movies.

# The 9 Bmovies:

Also, This is available in the next site on our list is Bmovies. Also, it is a pretty good alternative to the 123movies site. So, You can also watch old and latest movies or tv shows in high quality for free of cost on this site. Then We have already given you so many options. Now, you will also notice that this site has very fewer ads on this site.

So, This site is also well maintained, and also a very nice categories list like. The Top IMDB, Most watch, and more. Now, You can also find any movie which you will also want to watch. Just because of this site it has a perfect collection.

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#10 An IOMovies:


IOMovies is another alternative to 123movies to get the latest movies or TV shows on their homepage. You can watch almost all movies or TV shows in high quality, and you don’t need to do any registration process. Apart from that, this site also allows you to download the movie you want to download, and they provide a download link in the footer.

So, You will also face one bad thing if you visit this site. A pop-ups ads and this site will also show you so many pop-ups ads. In case, if you are a Hollywood movie lover. Then this site also has a huge collection. So, you will be disappointed in Bollywood movies.

#11 The Niter _ 123moives Alternative:


So, Here is our second last alternative site is Niter. Then You will also get all of the features that the above site gives us on this site. Now, this site also has one of the best collections that are of the best movies in the world.

Also, This site looks are pretty good just because this site is immaculate and well maintained. Now, this site also has a homepage site shows the best movie slide show. Then you can also watch with a single click.

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#12 Zmovies:


So, This site is our last alternative site, but it does not mean that it is not worth it. Now, We can also consider this site if we need a free movie site. If Yes, on this site, then you can also stream any movie for free. Also, This site has a huge database of movies and tv shows that will also make you entertain all the time. Then After visiting this site, if you will never go to another site.

Now, You don’t need to sign up for watching a movie or tv shows but accessing more features. So, you will need to register on this site and also follow them on social media platforms. Also, where you will always be updated about new movies or tv shows.

#13 LookMovie 123movies Alternative:

So, Firstly, you will also meet with a bright UI. Now, there is also a whole stream of both new and existing movies. Then you can also find IMDB ratings of each movie that is along with the number of reviews and duration.

Now, The genre is also shown along with a play button. Then All movies have to play within the website instead of the usual redirection to other servers. In case, if you like to watch a movie on the same site instead of jumping from link to link, this is for you.

#14 MoviesJoy:

This is Another one of the free movie streaming sites, MoviesJoy. It will also offer you an option to see the movies that have been watched on the site. So, The stream of movies also regularly updates. So, all of the latest releases are shown on the homepage. Now, The site also has a neat feature of the country filter just by using which you can also search this for movies from specific countries. Also, This feature will sort the titles based on their country of making.

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#15- A 5Movies:

A 5Movies is also another 123movies alternative. So, that one is also simple and has been in the running for a long time. Now, The UI of the site is simple, and also navigation across the site is easy. So, you can also share movies just by making use of social media links like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

Then this site also updates regularly. You have to keep checking back often. So, The latest additions are shown on the homepage. So, along with viable recommendations from the collection.

#16 Movie Ninja:


This is a new server that was added to Movie Ninja. You have to give the viewer a fast buffer time. So, All of the latest titles can be viewed on the homepage. This is along with the movie that you might like. Now, You can also create a free account and you have to keep track of your titles and make a watchlist. Then you can also track the movies that others have watched from their home using this site.

#17 A StreamLikers _ 123movies Alternative:

This is another great alternative to 123movies online streaming site is the StreamLinkers. Now, You can also watch your favorite titles or TV series. This is without paying for anything. Now, The sites have a UI simple, and you will also get a search bar to find out your favorite titles.

Now, The drop-down menu is easy and also makes for quick navigation. So, This site also has a dark mode feature for those night-time viewers. Then This site is also trendy and also reached the traffic of 1 million monthly.

#18 MovieZap:


So, This is rather a new online movie website that also has a vast collection of Tv series and movies. Then you may also need to bookmark this site as the domain name changes from time to time. So, you will also need to create an account to access the content. Now, The UI is also good, and you will get a search bar along with a navigation bar at the top. Also, this new site has fewer ads than others. It means that you will get a clean experience.

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So, That’s all in this article. We hope you have liked this article and also able to find your site. This is one tip which I told you above. Then you can also download the Google Chrome extension, which is “ad-blocker.” When you install it, then you will never face pop-up ads or other ads on the site. Also, For more information about this site. You can also leave your comment below in the comment box. Also, You can follow us on the social media platform for more updates.

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