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10 Best Wild West Games for Android

Written by Hassan Abbas

It’s time for Spurs, jeans hats, and duels in the sun. The future release of Red Dead Redemption 2 is news worth celebrating in style. The best Western returns to the world of video games and nothing better to entertain the wait than a collection of Android games set in the Wild West. The game of Rockstar will not end in our phones and tablets, but we will not be able to enjoy the endless sunsets with these ten recommendations covering all types of genres.

Wild West Games for Android

Guns n Spurs

While emulating the misadventures of Red Dead Redemption in Android is a complex task, several titles have proven to bring this essence to mobile devices. Guns n Spurs is a humble attempt to do it that will put us in deserts, canteens, and duels in the sun. It is a sandbox that offers us a good number of mini-games, although its graphics aspect and its control are not too polished. An experience close to the cinematographic series B that tried to look like the great westerns of John Ford.

Guns and Spurs
Guns and Spurs
Developer: Sakis25
Price: Free

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Wild West Race

Tiny Lab Productions seems to have a dream to fulfill: create racing games with all the possible world themes. So we find games of motorcycles, cars, robots and even horses, like this Wild West Race. We will have to go through a pandilocura of screens full of obstacles where many times we will attend where our horse finishes with just clicking on the accelerate button. Simple and for the whole family.

Shoot and Run: Western

The possibilities of setting in the “endless runner” are of the most varied and we have already seen all kinds of possible places in which to dodge obstacles and collect objects. Shoot and Run: Western takes us to the Wild West, a little-exploited location, and puts us in the skin of a cowboy who can go both on foot and on horseback while fighting the bandits who cross our path. Its “cartoon” look gives it a different touch that will remind us of emblematic animated series like Lucky Luke.

Wild West: New Frontier

The management strategy goes to the greenest areas of the Wild West in Wild West: New Frontier, a title that has nothing to envy to classics like Farmville. The game does not distance itself from the common features of the genre, so we will have to plant wheat, take milk from the cows and wait waiting times between actions. If you do not mind the latter, you will enjoy your colorful graphics well.

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A piece of archeology of the Android ecosystem that dates from 2010 and that for a long time was one of the banners when it comes to claiming our smartphone as a gaming platform. A Tower Defense that follows the standards of the subgenre and that proposes to us, to place all kinds of offensive elements with which to stop the advance of the convoy in question to conquer it. Shake the diligence.

Developer: HandyGames
Price: Free

Westy West

Spend time and love for the graphics style Minecraft is still present in our hearts. Westy West will not bother us to build anything, but rather the opposite: we will travel deserts and mines varied in a post to settle a multitude of evildoers. A very fun game that we will easily control based on swipes on the screen.

Westy West Cowboys 🤠
Westy West Cowboys 🤠

Bloody West: Infamous Legends

Establishing a settlement in the Wild West is not easy, but in Bloody West, we will try to establish ourselves as best we can. A game that moves away from the typical tropes of this type of productions and that has a very juicy combat system. If you like the theme and the genre, there are few better options you will find.

Bloody West: Infamous Legends
Bloody West: Infamous Legends
Developer: seal Media
Price: Free

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We have already commented that the Wild West is not a setting too used in video games, and the truth is that finding a product like Gravebound is quite a surprise. This is because it is very difficult to see the words “western” and “roguelike” together in the same sentence. Luckily, the proposal complies with this: a turn-based game in which we will control a sheriff who must discover who has burned his poster and killed his companions. All this while we try to survive in a hostile environment where many enemies will try to die as soon as possible. A playable western of the most original.

Bounty Hunt

Another of duels in the shade, but this time in 3D. The thing is to try to be faster than our rival and wait the necessary time until the moment of the draw, having to make the tactile gesture of the trajectory that we want to print to the bullet. The outcome of the contest will vary depending on the area in which we impact, and may even disarm the opponent without hurting him. Not Terence Hill in his best years of frying.

West Gunfighter

Earlier we said that emulating Red Dead Redemption in Android is an almost impossible task. But West Gunfighter tries very hard. So much, that almost touching its objective. At least in the superficial, since the sensation of living in a Sam Peckinpah movie is present. We will kill outlaws, we will play darts and we will fight in a duel. He fails the story, we could say that it is non-existent, but as an open world game is one of the best exponents in Android.

Musketier des Westens
Musketier des Westens
Developer: Candy Mobile
Price: Free

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